Eyes In the Night (EP)

by LazerWitch

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All tracks recorded between February and June 2017.


released June 14, 2017

Tracks 1 & 4 written, arranged and recorded by Gage Shanahan.
Tracks 2 & 3 written, arranged and recorded by Gage Shanahan; Lyrics and Vocal Arrangement by Robbie Rainey.
Drums on Track 3 by Chris Soblotne.
Track 5 Originally by Judas Priest (G. Tipton, R. Halford, K. Downing)

Special Thanks to: Robbie Rainey (for all the help and good times along the way), Chris Soblotne.



all rights reserved


LazerWitch Virginia

Traditional Heavy Metal/NWOBHM/Power Metal/Speed Metal Project By Gage Shanahan (Forest of Legend). For fans of: Riot, Diamond Head, High Spirits. Enforcer, Satan, Witchfynde, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Angel Witch, Cloven Hoof, SkullFist, Axxion, Borrowed time, etc.... ... more

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Track Name: Death Dealer
Forces of evil, Running at your back,
no hope for you, no turning back
Dark spirit of vengeance, rising from the grave,
theres no way in Hell that you could be saved...

Slayer of men, your deed is done,
you wont stop till the battle is won,
your sword is lightning, your sword is flame,
only the Dead know your name...

Serving penance for your crime,
you are a victim of the time,
a curse was laid upon your head,
out of the shadow...Death Dealer...

Your sport is war, your game is man,
only a matter of time before you kill again.
Black shadow trapped in blackened helm,
wielding the axe forged in Hell.

For aeons cursed, the time has come,
to set this sorcery undone...
you have the Wizard down on his knees,
the curse is broken as he bleeds...

Chorus x2
Track Name: Nowhere to Hide
All alone you go out Driving in the night,
looking for something that's gonna fulfill your life.
You take your paces, you choose your fate,
you live pedal to the metal, no brakes

You feel it coming deep in the night,
You cant resist it baby, don't try to fight.
you can't resist the feeling burning deep inside,
you've got nowhere to run....
Nowhere to Hide!

Drink my whiskey, Drive head-on into doom,
the witching hour is upon us soon.
The wind is whispers that my love is all gone,
the fire's dyin', it won't be long.
I'll take you prisoner if that's what I must do,
The witching hour is upon us soon,
I cannot help it, my love will set you free.
The dark power is taking over me.

Chorus x2
Track Name: The Spirit Never Dies
All of your life they've been watching over you,
Trying to see what you will or will not do.
Break the Chains! Because you're the next in line.
When will you see that you're running out of time?

Take my hand, I'll lead the way.
You keep the faith, it'll never fade.
Take my hand and when you hear the battle cry,
your body is destroyed, but the spirit never dies...
The Spirit Never Dies!

Living out your time on Earth all locked up in a cell,
and then you lose your grip when you're at the gates of hell.
Or will you raise your fist and be proud it's not a waste?
I know the answer, it's written on your face.

Track Name: The Wild Hunt
Silver clouds on a moonless night...
That's when they took you...
Haunted hounds and spectral ghosts riding through the sky.
It was all a dream...
or at least to me it seems...
I look to the sky with fear in my eyes

They've taken her away!
Oh no!
Nothing stays the same!

On an Endless Sky,
The Wild Hunt, they ride!
On a dark and endless sky,
The Wild Hunt, they ride!

It's been a year to the day,
since they took her from me...
I'm standing in the rain, looking for a sign...
And then I see, where the stars and sky do meet;
Swords break the sky, and she's riding by their side!

Oh no, Oh!
They took her from me!
Oh, no!
Nothing stays the same!

Track Name: Bloodstone (Bonus Track)
I've been trying
There's no denying.
It's sending me
Out of my mind.
I've seen reason
Change to treason.
It's losing its sense
Of all kind.
How much longer will it take
For the world to see.
We should learn to live
And simply let it be.
Bloodstone, bloodstone.
In the night time
Wake in fright.
I'm so scared of the game
That's being played.
Start to wonder
What's going under.
And how many deals
Have been made.
I can't take it.
You got me living
On a bloodstone
I don't want that bloodstone